An approach you can rely on

Dr. Angela Liu is grateful that her career choice has allowed her to be a part of the human healing and growth process. Her approach to treatment is to work closely with her clients in exploring and understanding the impact of their past on their present life. Therapeutic work requires a safe and confidential place to share one's pain and struggles without the fear of being judged or criticized. Within this safe space and through the process of being seen and heard, clients are often able to move forward and discover reasons behind self-defeating behaviors, regain clarity, resolve old issues, let go of hurtful patterns, increase confidence, and strengthen a connection with themselves and others.

Dr. Liu believes that the mind is intricately connected to the body. Cutting-edge mind/body psychotherapy techniques such as Somatic Experiencing (SE) are used with traditional psychological methods to fully attend to the clients's needs. SE is a gentle and profound short-term, naturalistic approach, developed by Dr. Peter Levine. The intervention helps clients resolve and heal from traumatic experiences as well as to deal better with daily pressures. SE utilizes the awareness of the body's physical sensations to help a person discharge negative energy held in the body from stress. As the person works somatically over time, he or she will begin to notice a reduction in the body's constriction patterns and a disappearance of the trauma symptoms.


Help when you need it

Honest conversation and mind/body psychotherapy intervention to help you get what you want out of life.